Helen Evans Ramsaran: 12 YEARS

Welancora Gallery is pleased to present 12 Years, a monographic exhibition of sculpture by Helen Evans Ramsaran, from October 20 through December 1, 2019. This will be Helen’s first solo show at the gallery located at 33 Herkimer Street. 


Brooklyn, NY.  12 Years is a continuation of ideas Ramsaran presented in her solo exhibition Extinction: Signals of Alarm at Wilmer Jennings Gallery, in 2017. The work on view explores the effects of climate change on life sustaining systems and resources, specifically marine ecosystems.


This presentation also touches on themes related to extinction and the evolution of man and other animal species as depicted in Ramsaran’s abstract, bronze interpretation of Olduvai Gorge; prehistoric animals; ancient shrines; and, white clay renderings of bleached coral reef.