Anders Jones Explores Gaps in the American Dream In a New Body of Work

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By Brienne Walsh

For his thesis project as an MFA candidate at the School of Visual Arts (SVA) in New York, Anders Jones created four separate series that together explore, as he says in a statement, “the psychological trauma, fragmented ideas on identity, and the limited access to the American Dream experienced by an often-overlooked, dignified and hard-working segment of the African American community.”

For American Dream (2017), Anders created a macramé basketball hoop that culminates in a series of tiny nooses, thereby commenting on how basketball is one of the few paths to glory for black men. In Gone But Not Forgotten (skelly hands)(2017), disembodied hands playing a game of skelly comment on the shortened lives of black youth due to police violence and mass incarceration. 

Ota Benga (2017) and Psychological Warfare (2017) are triptychs that combine found photographs with pieces of fabric. Jones who received is MFA in the spring, and works in a variety of mediums, is currently based in New York.

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