MIGRATING SUN PART 1: Demetri Burke, Ryan Cosbert, Kim Dacres, Meron Engida, Renluka Maharaj, Naye Perez, Omar E. Saad, Khari Raheem, Cyle Warner

Welancora is pleased to present Migrating Sun Part 1, a group exhibition of work by Demetri Burke, Ryan Cosbert, Kim Dacres, Meron Engida, Renluka Maharaj, Na’ye Perez, Omar E. Saad, Khari Turner, and Cyle Warner, co-curated by Na’ye Perez. Through the work of this diverse group of artists, the first iteration of this exhibition explores the impact that migration has on the people and places that get left behind.  Join us for the opening on Thursday, September 8, from 6 to 8pm. 


Migration has always been a part of human existence. Notwithstanding, the extent to which people move from their country of origin has increased dramatically. According to the International Organization for Migration ( IOM World Migration Report 2020), as of June 2019 the number of international migrants was estimated to be almost 272 million globally, 51 million more than in 2010.  For countries of origin, the impact of this exodus is often over shadowed by the promise of a new homeland. As a result, origin stories become difficult to recall and opportunities for sustained community building back home are diminished. The artists in this exhibition deal with this murky, liminal space in different ways.  Inherited garments, photographs, sand, rubber tires, water and the vernacular of a people make their way into the work, chronicling lives and experiences left behind.